Music is more than just a pass time for a trip to school, or background shower music. The effects of music on our body are much stronger than many of us think. Whether you’re an ABBA lover, a Belieber. Whether you love EDM, or Whitney Houston Ballads, music can have a positive impact on your mental health.

Research has shown that the affects of music go beyond auditory pleasure, as it releases a set of chemicals that make us happy. Experiments conducted by scientists at McGill University found that when we listen to music, a set of endorphins called dopamine are released when we are at our peak enjoyment. The chemical dopamine is also associated with releasing a state of happiness in other stimulants such as sugar and even cocaine.

What exactly does it do?

According to, here are some of the affects:

– elevate your mood and motivation
– aid relaxation
– increase the efficiency of your brain processing.
– It can encourage you to become more motivated
– It can help build self-esteem
– It can help with confidence

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