Its mid-November. Sainsbury’s have released their annual Christmas ad, the light switching’s have begun and Christmas carols are already being played in Topshop. Everyone is in the festive spirit. Aside from all the festivities and fun, unfortunately with winter, inevitably comes cold. This only means coughing, sneezing, shivering, tiredness, fever, and the rest. For me and my classmates, it means sick days and catching up on assignments, our nightmare.

But there is hope. In preparation for this, and in order to help you keep yourself safe, I have compiled a list of my personal favourite remedies that have been tried and tested by me (and suggested on the NHS website) to help you.

1. Steam! Cover you face over a bowl of steamy water and this should release your nostrils. Personally, I use Vicks Vapour rub to steam.

2. Rest and sleep

3. Keep warm- wrap up, don’t leave the house without a coat

4. Keep hydrated all day, drink water.

5. Remedy drinks – Special drinks that include lemon, ginger and honey all help to soothe a poorly throat. BuzzFeed have devised a list of tasty recipes for cold remedy drinks (and foods).

Most importantly, remember to wash your hands!