Over the past two decades, women have not only changed the landscape of the business community but have literally changed the way business is conducted. Yet even today, the one thing we still cant get a handle of is our hormones and our bodies in general.

The modern woman is so business-savvy, making important business decisions on a daily basis in order to keep their businesses alive and to grow.

Business decisions: making your body a priority

In that same vein, it is highly important that we make good decisions about our bodies too, and it start with understanding how it works. The difficult decisions women face with reproductive health problems and as they go through menopause is one example.

As a person becomes older there are many different health factors that begin to impact their quality of life. Women are unique and their hormone levels are different and constantly changing. These changes can lead to some natural phases of life and sometimes, if not regulated correctly, can lead to further health problems.

These hormone levels that fluctuate throughout a woman’s life are perfectly natural, yet sometimes other factors can lead to hormonal imbalances. Stress, lack of exercise, birth control pills, drug use, stimulants like caffeine and alcohol, and poor nutrition can disrupt a normal menstrual cycle and hormonal balance.

Business research: knowledge is key to success

In the same way you would conduct research in your business to understand your market, competitors etc it is important that you research about your body, to get answers as to how effectively manage it.

For example, there are a variety of symptoms that could indicate a potential hormone imbalance. Some of these symptoms include: depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, hair loss, increase in facial hair, pms, sudden change in sex drive, osteoporosis, headaches or migraines, sudden weight gain, water retention, bloating, and sudden changes in skin – acne or wrinkles.

Women suffering from these symptoms could indicate a hormone imbalance between the two female hormones, estrogen and progesterone. These hormones work together and are needed in the right quantities to achieve the desired balance in a woman’s health.

Estrogen and progesterone are designed to balance each other. A good balance translates into weight control, energy, youthful appearance and overall a sense of well-being, good health and immunity.

When balance is restored by increasing the natural progesterone levels, these symptoms may typically disappear.

Manage risk: seek treatment early

There are many ways to treat symptoms of hormonal imbalance, but a proper diagnosis must be established to determine the best possible treatment options to correct it. Remember, a hormonal balance can be serious if left untreated, but speaking to your doctor – even if you’re wrong – can only help make the issue better.

Manage costs

It costs a lot less to protect yourself up front. Educate yourself, become knowledgeable about your particular health problem before something is done to your body that cannot be reversed.

When women begin to run their bodies like they run their businesses, they will not only leave their mark on the business world but on the medical world as well. But more importantly, women will reduce the medical risks and increase their chances to live healthy lives.