At Women in Healthcare UK, we think it’s so important to support initiatives that tackle issues outside of mainstream media. In line with this belief, we are incredibly proud and honoured to be supporting the ‘Million Pads Campaign’ , and incredibly campaign that is tackling something that isn’t widely known about but is the reality for thousands of women and girls in Zimbabwe.

What is the Million Pads Campaign?

The Million Pads Campaign is a  Zimbabwean Pad Collection campaign that partners with distributors on an international basis in order to ensure that girls all over Zimbabwe can be helped. There are collection centres based in Harare, Bulawayo and the team are trying to ensure that these collection centres cover all areas around the country. They want girls to know that bleeding is NOT  luxury and pads ARE essential!


Why was the campaign set up?

In Zimbabwe, there are heavy taxes on sanitary wear as they are deemed to be luxury products. Many girls miss school and work to avoid embarrassment as they cannot physically afford these products. For these women and girls, the menstrual period is not embraced as a natural, normal process but acts exists as a stressful and traumatic period of their lives. It is widely in both society and the media that girls and young women have desperately resorted to using rags, newspapers, bark, leaves and tissues to protect themselves, putting them at risk of serious health issues and .This is where the Million Pads Campaign steps in. Female reproductive health, a subject that is relevant to 52% of Zimbabwe’s population, should be a priority  and the aim is to service as many areas as possible that lack the basis ability to provide sanitary products for women in some of the poorest parts of the world.



Million Pads Campaign High Tea Event 

In an attempt to help the campaign, on Saturday 10th February 2018, Womanhood Global is holding a High Tea Event in aid of the Million Pads Campaign! Ladies come in your fascinator, bring a pack of sanitary pads, enjoy networking with like minded women and help women and girls overcome the luxury tax of sanitary products! The event will take place at Telford Golf Course and starts at 2pm and promises to be an incredible afternoon for an incredible cause! We can’t wait to attend and exhibit alongside so many empowering and incredible women.

To book your place, head to and remember, space is limited so buy your tickets quick!