On the 24th November 2017, we held another fantastic FREE Healthcare Start-Up Event in Leeds which was packed with incredible help, support, knowledge and inspiration for all attendees! We had an incredible turn out once again, and it was truly inspiring to see so many like-minded individuals learn and grow with each other!

The morning began with a work shop that taught attendees what  the basic principles of healthcare start-ups are.  The information that was shared is not something you can find on Google and feedback suggested that clients had been searching for this information with no luck! The workshop, like every one of our events, ensured that attendees were equipped with the tools and hidden gems of knowledge that enable start-ups to succeed in their chosen area of the sector.

As with every event that we run, we went through the full life cycle of the phases required in order to equip start-ups with an honest and frank statement of what is required of them.  This includes a step by step guide of  how to get through Registration, Compliance, Marketing and Contracts.  We also talked about the tricky world of compliance;  the healthcare sector is the most heavily regulated sector in business and  requires a complete know how in order to be compliant. This information is not something that is widely available, and we like to class it as one of the ‘hidden treasures’ of the sector! Alongside these integral phases, we also ensured that we covered the smaller parts of business that still require attention! From helping people to start marketing their businesses to using social media effectively for your target market, we ensured that no stone was left unturned, and all attendees went away from the event ready and raring to go!



In addition, the event ensured that attendees knew not only what was required in a CQC registration, but had a step by step guide on how to register successfully. Furthermore, we also shared a plethora of contract tips and knowledge with our attendees so that they knew how to prepare for contracts in the future!

A highlight of this event in particular was one attendee sharing his testimonial of what he has learnt through attending a plethora of our start-up events! It was truly inspiring to hear about how our services have already helped so many people to pursue their dreams and make their vision become their reality! We know how important it is to network with like-minded individuals, and seeing the empowering nature of the discussions taking place between attendees just proved that we are the one stop shop for everything you need to start your Healthcare business!


Overall, the event was not only a great show of like minded individuals, but it was also a fantastic opportunity for all attendees! Another incredible opportunity we have coming up is our ‘Bootcamp’, a chance to immerse yourself in everything you need to know about starting your healthcare business journey! Keep your eyes peeled for more information regarding this incredible opportunity!


Join us on the 15th December 2017 for another FREE start-up event! Head to Eventbrite now to enrol or contact us for more information!