As you may have seen, we launched another incredible aspect of our network a few weeks ago and unveiled our weekly live stream on Facebook! Each week, we promise to focus on different interesting, informative and relevant topics that are important to all women in the healthcare sector. After our business opportunity live stream last week, we thought it was important and relevant to talk about investment opportunities!

Our wonderful and knowledgeable director, Angie Khupe, opened the chat with an introduction into what we do and the world of investment in healthcare! As someone who is self-employed, she bought a really informative and engaging edge to the discussion. Alongside Angie, we had Eleanor join us as an inspiring and informative guest! She shared their tips and tricks for finance and investment and shared facts about what finance is all about! She also shared the incredible story of how her mother has set up an incredible maternity hospital, Prospect Palms, in Zimbabwe and the journey that allowed her to achieve her dream. We were also very privileged to have Shamiso, a wonderful lady who is a qualified accountant who has worked in the UK for 10 years and runs her own accounting firm, join us to share her tips on how to save, invest and work around your finances!

Something that is different to a lot of other network platforms is the fact that Angie, our director and founder, invites people to join in on the live stream, just adding to the accessible nature of what Women in Healthcare UK are trying to achieve as an oasis for women in the sector. The information that was shared in the live chat was empowering and ensured that the members involved reevaluated their own finances and really thought about how they could kickstart their own healthcare business!

Angie also mentioned our ‘International Women’s Day Celebration’ with a top international organisation that will be held on the 8th March in Leeds! If you are interested in joining us, please head to to register your interest and book your place!

Missed out on the live stream? Check out a few of the top tips shared throughout the hour!

  • Your money will leave if you don’t tell it what to do!
  • Make sure you try to maintain the idea of living within your means in your personal finances.
  • If you want to start a healthcare business, start by approaching family members for help.
  • Look at ‘Crowdfunding’ and see if this is something that could help kickstart your business opportunity! Use a great business plan to impress investors.
  • We recommend looking to Dave Ramsey for debt management and finance management.
  • Be tactile with your investments.
  • Save money where you can, be frugal and keep in line with your vision.
  • Property is a good way to raise money but make sure you have the right support and knowledge.
  • We are creative in our ideas but not our financing! Make sure you balance the two.
  • Engage the appropriate professionals to help your finances.
  • Do it right the first time with the right professionals to be successful!
  • Use systems like ‘Quick Books’ to manage your finances and create a clear financial position of your organisation.

To find out everything that was said, head to our ‘Women in Healthcare UK Group’, become a member and watch the incredible talk!