Last week, we launched another incredible aspect of our network and unveiled our weekly live stream on Facebook! Each week we will be focusing on different interesting and informative topics, and this week it was time to talk about wellbeing!

The talk involved three incredible and inspiring women from the healthcare sector, Angie Khupe, Florence Hannity and life coach, Maryolga Gumbo Broewer, who all shared their tips and tricks for maintaining wellbeing. Each woman bought something different and inspiring to the conversation and really got other women inspired and involved in their chatty and informal style. Something that is different to a lot of other network platforms is the fact that Angie, our director and founder, invites people to join in on the live stream, just adding to the accessible nature of what Women in Healthcare UK are trying to achieve as an oasis for women in the sector.

The information that was shared in the live chat was empowering and ensured that the members involved reevaluated their own lives and thought about what simple changes they could make in their own lives in order to improve wellbeing.

Missed out on the live stream? Check out a few of the top tips shared throughout the hour!

Top tips:

Going to the gym, eating well and keeping fit to be physically able.

Go to bed without your phone so that you can make the most of your relaxation time.

Take time away with friends or on your own, maybe for a weekend or even a night.

Explain to your children or partner why you need time away to combat any negative feelings.

Plan your days out and make schedules- a diary will be your best friend!

Don’t try and give what you don’t have – don’t spread yourself too thin.

Remember that, no matter how selfish it may feel, YOU are the most important person.

Take your holiday and take time out to rejuvenate.

Put yourself on your list of VIP’s and soon, small chores won’t be as important as your ‘me’ time. The key is to work on your self-importance- putting yourself first isn’t selfish!

Transform the rules that govern you so that you can motivate yourself.

Ignore what people think of you- allow people to think what they want, but you have a right to believe what you think of yourself is more important than what people think of you.

Give yourself the best- what is good enough for your kids is good enough for you!

Do you think you need life coaching?

Contact Maryolga through her website:


Thank you again to all the incredible ladies who were involved and we can’t wait to do it all again next week! To join in, search for ‘Women in Healthcare Uk group’ and become a member!