Women who try to prioritise renewal have their own set of challenges, including using money worries to procrastinate, or not following through with planned acts. So, why is self-nurturing so challenging for us?

The truth is, taking time for self-care is one of the most unselfish things a woman can do. When we step away from our work and address our needs, we return more focused and productive.

But we have found that one of the most common misconceptions or excuses is that self-care is expensive, and only for those who can afford it.

 If we carry around a belief that practicing high levels of self-care looks a certain way, we can create financial worries that prevent us from committing to routine acts of renewal. If we hold for weekends or massage appointments before we allow ourselves to relax, we become blind to all the restorative opportunities in between.

If this sounds familiar, I invite you to look at restoring through a new lens. Renewal doesn’t require you to purchase luxurious spa packages or take long vacations on sun-drenched beaches. In fact, the most successful, long-lasting rejuvenation comes from small acts that get woven into daily life until they become habits you never even think about.

We would like to offer a few VERY affordable, in fact some of these cost nothing!

Start fresh by focusing on a self-care act that you feel drawn to do, is doable, and that you will find restorative. You can get started with the following list:

15 Affordable Self-Care Acts

  1. Spend time in nature.
  2. Write, journal your thoughts.
  3. Practice mindfulness, meditate.
  4. Prioritize your nutrition.
  5. Count your blessings daily.
  6. Cat nap.
  7. Do someone a favour.
  8. Include creativity in your day.
  9. Exercise in ways you enjoy-like dance or walks in the park.
  10. Make time for those you care about.
  11. Listen to music.
  12. Schedule “do nothing” time.
  13. Practice deep breathing.
  14. Read for pleasure.
  15. Say “no” more often.

Add new acts to this list-acts that help you feel relaxed, make you feel lighter, or bring you energy. Choose at least three ideas to follow through on next week, and add a new one each week. As you start to regain your equilibrium, remember to smile, celebrate your success, and keep it going!