Women in Healthcare UK are proud to announce that in 2018, we will be launching the ‘Educating Africa Initiative’. 

The Educating Africa Initiative will involve collecting second hand books from around the UK and setting up a library in one of the most remote parts of Africa. We aim to collect 5000 books in 2018, and we need YOUR help to make this vision a reality!

The condition doesn’t matter, every single spare or used book is appreciated and will ensure that adults and children in the most remote parts of the world can receive the education and empowerment that every single person deserves. We are collecting books aimed at all ages, from small children to older generations and we hope you can help us! If you can give 1 book or 20, it will be much appreciated!

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Why is it so important?

Statistics, by the Zimbabwe Statistical Agency (Zimstat), revealed that 51% of men in Zimbabwe had not been to school, while 49% of females had missed out on formal education. Although education was declared to be a basic human right in 1980, there is still not enough being done to ensure that even people in the most remote parts of the country are receiving any type of education.

Despite an initiative being launched during independence to hopefully rapidly expand education opportunities, the demand for education was still far greater than the supply, thus meaning thousands of people went without. Furthermore, the quality of this education was hindered by a plethora of factors, including huge teacher shortages, massive infrastructural pressure and the obvious implications of the economic crisis. UNICEF claims that only a third of schools are considered to be in “good condition”, meaning that even when education exists, the resources and tools are not available. This is where we hope our initiative will help.


Alongside our mission to collect 5000 books, we will be setting up a Just Giving/ Crowdfunding page so that any and ALL money that is raised can go towards buying more books or the cost of sending the books over to Zimbabwe!


We have already had an absolutely incredible response!

Keep your eyes peeled to find out the latest news regarding this initiative!


To get in contact to help bring this initiative to life, please use:



  • 0845 299 3781