Our services are packed with incredible help, support, knowledge and inspiration for every client. 

We begin by assessing the start-up and stay with the client every step of the way until they are ready to begin trading. We assess the business and identify where we can maximise business growth, and profit. Our services cover all of the basic principles of healthcare start-ups and the advice and support we supply is not something you can find on Google! We ensure that our clients are equipped with the tools and hidden gems of knowledge that enable start-ups to succeed in their chosen area of the sector.

We cover the full life cycle of the phases of a healthcare business start-up, including   Registration, Compliance, Marketing and Contracts. We ensure that our clients are able to work through the tricky aspect of compliance as the healthcare sector is the most heavily regulated sector in business and requires a complete know how in order to be compliant. This information is not something that is widely available, and we like to class it as one of the ‘hidden treasures’ of the sector! Alongside these integral phases, we also ensure that we cover the smaller parts of healthcare business that still require attention! From helping people to start marketing their businesses to using social media effectively for their target market, we ensure that no stone is left unturned.

We also ensure that are clients have successful CQC registration and share plethora of contract tips and knowledge with our clients so that they can prepare to obtain contracts in the future!

Alongside the ongoing support and training, we hold events that allow likeminded individuals to engage in the fantastic opportunity to further enhance their knowledge of the sector. These events, much like our range of services, are packed with incredible help, support, knowledge and inspiration for all attendees! We always have an incredible turn out and it is truly inspiring to see so many like-minded individuals learn and grow with each other.