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Women in Healthcare UK (WiH UK) is a platform for female healthcare professionals that aims to provide networking opportunities…

After addressing the complex needs of Women in the Healthcare sector, WiH-UK became a community network created by women for women.

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If we were to ask you what preparations you have made for thanksgiving, (November 22nd), many of you would reply puzzled, or somewhat lost. We all know of thanksgiving, whether it be through films or pop culture, we all know of it. But for those who don’t,...

Winter colds

Its mid-November. Sainsbury’s have released their annual Christmas ad, the light switching’s have begun and Christmas carols are already being played in Topshop. Everyone is in the festive spirit. Aside from all the festivities and fun, unfortunately with winter,...

Music and mental health

Music is more than just a pass time for a trip to school, or background shower music. The effects of music on our body are much stronger than many of us think. Whether you’re an ABBA lover, a Belieber. Whether you love EDM, or Whitney Houston Ballads, music can have a...