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Women in Healthcare UK (WiH UK) is a platform for female healthcare professionals that aims to provide networking opportunities…

After addressing the complex needs of Women in the Healthcare sector, WiH-UK became a community network created by women for women.

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Latest Posts

I-i-international s-s-stammering day

Unless you have one, a stammer can be very difficult to describe. I have been a stammerer for most of my young adult life, more recently however, has my speech began to worsen significantly. Whilst to some, I may sound fluent and articulate, it is only when I begin to...

WiH UK Weekly Live: Investment

As you may have seen, we launched another incredible aspect of our network a few weeks ago and unveiled our weekly live stream on Facebook! Each week, we promise to focus on different interesting, informative and relevant topics that are important to all women in the...

#NHS70: Nurses and the early years.

As part of the #NHS70 campaign, Women in Healthcare UK are going to be publishing blogs on a regular basis that not only celebrate the organisation that changed the healthcare system in the UK in a massive way, but the hardworking, dedicated and inspiring people who...